We are currently training about 600 leaders in Mozambique, Africa.  We have just had our bi-annual training session with 34 of our top leaders visiting us for an extensive training seminar.  As I stood in front of them I realized a few things ….. yet again.  I an actually unworthy to teach these great men – they should teach me!

The reason why I say this is that you really have to understand who these men really are.  Let me give a short insight on where they come from and what they do:

  • Serving their different forgotten communities they work for FREE.  Yes, they never receive any type of salary or stipend ….. ever!
  • They believe in what they do even if it means living without food for days.
  • They are humble and loved by many.
  • They make plans in areas where there is no running water, electricity, phones, hospitals, medicine or any of the things we take for granted.
  • They are men of great character, credibility and conviction.
  • They live in totally poverty but has the ability not just to connect and magnetically draw people to themselves – they carry themselves like kings.
And this is just a short observation.  Whatever sphere of life you come from – you would sincerely love these men.  They study a 6-year theological course which aims to bring practical theology and leadership to them.  Although they have the ability to study further degrees we emphasis the importance of serving rather than obtaining doctorates which in  many cases doesn’t lead to serving.  (My viewpoint only!)

Thus …. to train these main makes me look tiny in comparison.  And yes ….. leaves me with tears as I type this.  We’ve send them off this morning back to their rural areas (of which many is not even shown on a map!)  Please pray for these men who continue to serve God in difficult situations.  They have been transforming communities in many ways by:

  • Setting up huge food gardens for orphan projects.  These pastors take care of about 870 orphans in central and northern Mozambique;
  • They play in key role in food security for starving communities;
  • They solve problems daily;
  • Take care of the weak, sick, dying and the desperate without money;
  • They have started literate projects in their churches and communities;
  • and then ….. they lead churches trying to feed their own families.
Thank you for your prayers!

Photo:  New pastors to the program receiving their first Study Bibles.