Just before we get back to business – they say everything is bigger in Texas.  And it really is!  I mean …. I have never been there but I have met a lot of people from Texas.  Thus far I have learned the following from Texans:

  • They can eat a mean chili without a drop of sweat or even a hint that it is too strong for them.  “All ya all must see our chillies in Texas”, they would usually say.
  • They are very friendly people!
  • They have no problem if you hug them – very different from those in New York, I think!
  • It’s easy to start a conversation with them – and those in Arizona!
  • I just love the way they talk and walk.  Real cowboys!
  • Genuine people
  • Great songs like:  “Yellow rose from Texas” or “All my exes live in Texas”!

Anyway ….. I got sidetracked there for a moment.  Sorry about that.  What I actually wanted to show you is our recent visitor to our household.  NOW – when I say we have huge chameleons I mean … they are Texan big.  And I betcha that no Texan will argue with me.  My paths crossed this gentleman (I call him “The Texas Ranger”).  A few photos to show you that I am dead serious.