Long time …. no photo of the team here on the base.  Well … here they are all our permanent staff. They really are doing an amazing job with all the various projects and ministries with the community.  Currently running in the northern parts of Mozambique busy with seminars and reaching out in great Muslim communities.  Time in front of the PC thus limited for now. Still not doing to well health wise but ….. recovering slowly.

Really do have a lot of postings on the way so keep reading and thanks for the support, prayers and the great responses all around.  

From left to right:  Keren Massey, Andy Kurret, Lynn Lagore, Dwight Lagore, Barbara Wayner, Ron Wayner, Francois Rauch, Alta Rauch, Short term visitors, Rick Neufeld with Tendai, Heather Neufeld.


sorry forgot about Mushu – the dog!  According to Lynn he still suffers from the Y2K bug ….. an extreme case of Altzheimers!