Oh my goodness – I think sometimes it takes a disease or two to make you realize how important health really is.  I just received a message from England (YES, it’s the Queen!) and the message read:  “we have reached that milestone of being “shock free” for 6 months …..” and it made me realize how we just take our health for granted!  I am barely recovering from a few scary attacks on my health …. but at least recovering.  I wondered in the process:  Would it be better being sick and close to God …. or healthy and far from God!  Mmmmm …. we all want to go to heaven …. just not NOW!

Anyway ….. we are celebrating through many hardships … but we are CELEBRATING.  Keren Massey, a nurse from Canada has just left the mission base after spending more than 10 months in a tent in the bush.  Her aim:  Empowering women and writing health manuals for our school and the wider community.  Working frantically to get the syllabus and teaching finished in time ….. she DID it working until the last hour before she left.

Keren is a dedicated and strong willed lady who is very persistent in her work.  And that is why she finished her task leaving a great legacy for our bush schools.  The health manual will be taught from pre-schoolers to grade 7 students.  It teaches basic hygiene and preventative health.  We have learned that our kids are our greatest instruments when it comes to getting out information to the parents ….. who are sometimes unwilling to attend health meetings.  The syllabus focuses on all the major preventative diseases but uses all 5 senses … and games to get the message across.  We are currently busy with a pilot project and our students all passed with flying colours. 

Our current plan is to introduce the health manual to surrounding government schools for free.  With Keren leaving it left a huge void space but she has just been accepted as student at the famous London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

GOOD LUCK Keren – you deserve the best.  Africa salutes ya!