A great applause sounded as we carried the long awaited first batch of Children’s Bibles into our school!  The aim and dream was always to make sure we would be able to give every kid a Bible with all the Bible stories the day they leave our Bush School in Grade 5.

Although we have currently only received a handful of the Bibles the next batch is on its way!  It is a well known fact that there is a lot of churches and church leaders in our great country, Mozambique who has been led astray due to a lack of good solid Bible education.  Many pastors don’t have or have little knowledge when it comes to  Bible stories.  We decided to start with our pre-school kids and share all the Bible stories in a relevant way which they really could relate to.  Thanks to good and dedicated teachers it is amazing to see kids react with every Bible story …. which they have heard for the first time ever!!!  All the “ooooh’s” and “aaaagh’s“, I think made God laugh! 

Each kid will receive a Bible in Grade 1 (which will be taken back after every Bible Education period).  They will use these Bibles year after year until they reach Grade 5.  Their graduation gift will be their own Children’s Bible.  We have really been looking forward at making this possible for all our bush kids.  A miracle was needed though ……..

I was preaching in Stellenbosch Congregation on our dream giving each kid a Bible.  I received an e-mail shortly after the event from Johan Lotz.  Their baby was just born and God spoke to him and his wife to help us to obtain Bibles for kids and for our Bible leaders.  Others came on board and as quick as you could say …… miracle …… we got the first batch.  Special thank you’s to Johan Lotz and family, Niel and Helane Keyser, Sjon and Linda Smet and Michelle Groenewald.

We are still in need of about 100 of these Bibles.  Please pray that we would be able to get them soon.