There is a lot of transformation going on the last few days on our base here in Mozambique.  Schools are being changed (literally), communities stand in awe as they see people care …………. and then there is the World Cup phenomenon which came to Africa.  Millions in Africa though has no way of sharing in the joy and spectacle because there is no electricity, to television sets, no internet – no nothing. 
We decided not to just accept the fact that maybe only a small radio would bring people close to the World Cup.  We geared up and for the next few weeks we made sure we brought the World Cup visually to people in the middle of nowhere.
And oh my goodness …. the screams, the ecstatic joy was overwhelming.  I set up my projector and copied version of some of the games in the middle of a town called Pungwe.  It is situated next to a big river which is well known for its hippos, crocodiles and dirty water due to mining in Zimbabwe.  Within a few minutes we had more than a thousand people gathering …. and the crowd kept growing.  I think even the crocodiles forgot about the food chain and joined in the festivities.  The big screen wasn’t that big I guess when you stood far out in the back.  And the most amazing thing ………… after the game people came and said:  “I have been blessed today to be part of this event ………… please pray for me!”  I didn’t really know what to pray for ………… more joy, more peace ………. more transformation of communities.
A great event with great people ….. in the middle of nowhere.

PHOTO:  And if you watch really carefully (due to my bad camera work in total darkness) you will see all the glaring eyes fixed on the big screen.  It’s an African made structure but it works perfectly!