I know the average reader of this blog can probably not recall their first day of school – or  maybe you can?  New clothes, shoes either to big or too small – pressing against the toes.  I can remember the smell of my school uniform.  Very new ….. a kind of a nice chemical smell.  It only lasted for about a week I think.  I got reminded of my first day ……… when I could hardly wait to get into my new school uniform.  That feeling ….. well let me put in mildly ….. faded quickly over the years.


PHOTO:  Our bush school singing the National Anthem of Mozambique.  I did not tell them about the big surprise waiting.

Our bush schools are aimed at kids who would not have had the privilege of school at all never mind owning a uniform of their own.  I had a big surprise for all our bush school students a few days ago.  In co-operation with a church in Polokwane, South Africa and a local primary school in the same town we were able to organize more than nearly 300 uniforms for our kids in the bush school.


PHOTO:  Maningi nice …. as we say here in the local dialect.  Beautiful!

Each and every student received an uniform that was nearly brand new.  The girls got a bright dress with a jersey.  Sport teams also got an unique uniform.  Do I even need to explain the joy and laughter.  Christmas came very early for the nearly 280 students.  We personally dressed every student and as they exited the room the got a huge roar of appraisal from the rest of the kids watching.  They all looked the same – but it was a true celebration of ………. (well, I am still trying to find and create a word of what they experienced!)

A special word of thanks again to all who cared so much that they were willing to bear the grunt of problems at the border posts by bringing in the uniforms.  Special thanks to Past. Johan Pieterse and his “8-team” – a truly A-team of agents of transformation.

PHOTO:  Even the smallest of the smallest received a uniform.  Theo, one of our students visiting handed over a uniform.

Oh my heart is so thankful at the moment ……… THANK YOU!