Although Mozambique is still rated as officially 161st out of 168 countries (latest UN report) when it comes to poverty we try hard to make kids laugh and to lighten up their day.   With the soccer world cup coming to South Africa we have started several programs in Mozambique to make the event closer for school kids.

We started the celebrations with The Living Ball – a soccer ball with the great Message of the Gospel.  After a great story, some fun and laughter we handed over the first balls to a small government bush school which houses about 800 kids in 2 classrooms.
There is a desperate shortage of schools and classrooms in various communities.  We have started with a plan to help one of our schools with a new school.  We have only just started raising support for the more than US$100 000 to get the project up and going.  We have funded with the local community a pre-school which is successfully running in the Mucombeze community.
Here is a few photos sharing the day.  Oh …. and yes …. we had lots to eat.  Biscuits and juice were on the menu ….. “nicy …. nicy” as the kids would say!
Photo:  “I know what’s coming!”
Photo:  Listening with anticipation!
Photo:  Teachers enjoying a lighter moment!

Photo:  The headmaster of the Mucombeze government school, snr. Almeida and one of his teachers receiving their “Living Ball”.