What a fantastic time I am having – not just meeting and exploring the fantastic creation in Kenya – but experiencing young and upcoming leaders in this part of the world.  I will share much more during the next few weeks …. but here is a few moments!

My taxi experience in Nairobi was, as expected, an interesting one.  I had the friendliest taxi driver in Eastern Africa.  By law they are required to have their photo pasted on the inside of their window screens.  Why?  They didn’t know either.  Their serious and frowning picture is very different of who they really are though.  One thing stood out in our drive:  Know your Saviour before the time.  Round-a-bouts are dangerous and it is best to just close your eyes and when the driver saw me he reminded me of his sticker on this back window – it read, “GLORY TO GOD”.  I was safe.

My internet connection is extremely limited …. so will try to share more as I seek a stronger internet cafe somewhere in Nairobi.  Mombassa ….. an absolutely must to visit …. and will share the stories as I was priviledged to be part of AMAHORO where we conversed on the topic:  Christ, Creation, Community with other African Leaders from all over the African continent.