Travelling at best is always an interesting endeavor.  And those who do so regularly will tell you that it is never about the destination …………. it’s the journey.  The people.  It is about the senses.  That is why I always find it odd when I hear that so many never left their town or village to travel.  In Africa …… WE TRAVEL.  By foot, dug out canoe on the Zambezi, chapa (our local taxi transport – where you really need to know your Saviour before you embark) or plane.  Africa is a moving continent.

As I am getting ready to travel to Kenya (luckily not by foot) I drove down through Mozambique from north to south to eventually get a plane to Kenya.  And my goodness ……….. was that interesting.  The waves, smiles, police stops, conversations, police stops, waves, laughter, police stops ………. amazing!  The sights and sounds of Mozambique are jaw droppingly (is there even a word like this  fantastic. A few interesting moments and secrets ………….. will now be revealed.

SECRET 1:  Always start your travels very early – and don’t forget to eat breakfast while the roads are still good.
This will help you to recover earlier.

SECRET 2:  Yes, that is a road and not a river.  The Chinese is currently busy reconstructing the main road in Mozambique.  They forgot about the late April rains after destroying more than 60 km of roads in this section.   Hidden secret:  Drive as fast as you can while you keep your passenger as calm as possible.

SECRET 3:  The palm tree forests are a must to see.  Always stop and admire the view.  Without official resting stops (if you know what I mean) these forests will hide you when nature calls unexpectedly.

SECRET 4:  Rest on the way …………. did I not mentioned that already?  The beaches and fisherman are always extremely friendly and are always willing to share their “catch of the day” ……….. at a price off course.

SECRET 5:  Truck are bigger than pick-ups.  Get out of the way on narrow roads!

SECRET 6:  Be kind to animals.  We met Clementine on the beach.  Yes …. a pig on the beach and he surfs too.  He has an amazing ability to bodysurf ……… seriously!

SECRET 7:  Keep your eyes open for spare parts ….. you might just need them.

PHOTO BELOW:  Arriving in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo ………… last.