I stepped off from the plane from Nairobi to Mombassa.  It was one of those quick flights that you kinda enjoy the moment you get on the plane.  Friendly cabin staff quickly greets you with something to drink – a few nuts and before you know it …….. you have to buckle up and get ready for the landing.

As I breath in the heavy warm air of Mombassa just outside of the small airport I am greeted by a huge poster to announce the Amahoro gathering 2010.  “Christ, Creation and Community” – what a topic I thought!  Amahoro works in Africa to see the Gospel of Jesus bringing transformation to communities across Africa.  Amahoro facilitates holistic transformation by encouraging, resourcing and connecting emerging African leaders who are committed to the tangible manifestation of justice, mercy and goodness in their local context.

Amahoro leaders, Claude Nikondeha and Kelly Johnson Nikondeha are a fantastic husband wife combination who seriously succeeds to create space for theological, relational and transformational conversation.

The conversations were great.  The topic that grabbed everyones attention had to be the discussion on how to understand having a holistic gospel and how it affects our understanding of environmental issues.  Seeing that the G7 nations and even a Global Environmental Summit in 2009 could not even “get it” it is important for African Christian leaders to understand what God says.

It is very true that many Christians do not even have an environmental agenda nevermind understanding how they can be part of creating a sustainable environment.    God’s Kingdom is NOW on EARTH as it is in heaven and Amahoro tackled this tough issue with great success.

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