There is a happy face if you have ever seen one!  And for several reasons too.  Providing books and stationary for more than 300 kids really takes some good planning.  Our pre-school and primary school just finished a week of training on how to resolve conflict and problems.  We had an interesting and creative way of dealing with the topic:  WRITING and COLOR.  We came up with a set of problems and resolving them by writing about it …………. even writing letters to our president.

I wish adults could find the same solutions to the world’s problems.  Our schools are closing but for our next CONFLICT week we have decided to pick a country with a problem or crisis and play president and resolve the problem through very interesting ways ….. which off course the kids will come up with.  Will keep you posted ….. maybe Barak Obama will make a note! 

The AK-47 – perhaps the deadliest assault rifle being used:  How do we fight war?  The kids decided themselves …. no more guns – more books – more education – more peaceful solutions.  And then I think back at what JESUS said:  We should become more like the children.  And the more I work with them the more I realize …. I think they have the answers.  It is right under our noses.  I am happy to report after a lesson or two the question was:  What is mightier the pen or the sword.  An anonymous vote from all the grade 1 to 5 students:  The pen is! Now …..back to the drawings and colorful laughter of the kids.   

We have just heard that we have been helped to set up a library at our primary school.  It will be the first one in our area.  Finding books will be an interesting endeavor but it will be yet another huge weapon in our arsenal on how to solve problems – peacefully, educationally and creatively ………. and being educated in the process.

Don’t you wish you were a child again!  (It’s not that difficult you know ……!)

Photo:  The school in the background is one of our reconciliation tools in the community. It was shot down in the civil war with RPG’s.  We rebuild the building to be used as a school and instrument of hope!