We have a new kid on the blog-block!  My wife always says ….. “please don’t change what is already working!”  I struggle sometimes to accept this.  I like change in me, around me – frequently.  I think change is good as long as when you look back you or others are better off.

Hope this blog does that for you – if not let me know please.  I have been walking a bit today and was looking at the community around me.  I have been here a few years now and it is amazing to see the changes around me the last 14 years.  Kids we taught in our Bush Schools grew up, some got married and are working for big companies now.  We have a lost many …… due to illness and I think they would say too:  “It was for the better – I am home now ……. and I love it!”

For us in our daily lives change is good.  Take another route to your work, home or just do something different.  Paint that old house – move the furniture around or stand on a table and get a different perspective on life.  It will change you.  And while you are out changing ……. greet that old grumpy neighbor and see what happens.