It takes a lot of effort and hard work getting the right Bible to the right address in Mozambique at the right time.  Right?  Usually that would be correct.  I have learnt though that when God gets involved in any situation it seems He makes the most difficult stumbling block look so so easy.

We have been out of Bibles for the last 2 months due to many outreaches.  I was wondering how I could urgently get hold of more.  Now to understand how God works …….. (forget formulas and mathematics – they don’t work in His Kingdom it seems!) you have to take the following into consideration.  We have a growing population on the planet – we are successfully marching on to 6 813 200 000 people ……… well ok … close to 7 billion people.  So what is the chance  that 2 strangers will meet and know someone they have in common?  Would make for some interesting stats.

Photo:  Meet Charl Cilliers and the team from Cape Town who met a stranger in Pretoria on the Highway to make the donation of 100 Portuguese Bibles possible.  They were on the way to Malawi when they stopped at our base on the way.

Well with God that seems a common thing.  Two total strangers got together, spoke – realized they know me and my needs and wola ………… deep in the bush I just received 100 Bibles from a great friend in South Africa.  God surely works in mysterious ways!  Thanks to Fanie Loots for the Bibles – it is much needed.