Photo: A last tear to be shed ………… as our visitors fly away to Beira in the Mercy Air helicopter.

Life is really about relationships but you already know that so …… no new news there! Depending on where you are it always seems that there is a chance to meet new people and sadly …… always the reality to have to say goodbye again. On the base here in Mozambique that happens frequently.

Rick Cogbill and his daughter visited our nurse-on-hand, Keren. Rick has been a mechanic for the last 30 years. He is a writer who frequently writes for mechanical magazines. Needless to say …. the moment he arrived he fixed everything that had wheels. As someone who suffers from a severe form of mechanical phobia ….. I could only admire him as he worked.

Photo: FORD POWER …….. after 14 years on the mission field our FORD (we call him Samson) is still as strong as ever and we don’t even need a fuel injection ……. or something like that!

We have been privileged the last few weeks to have had many visitors from many nationalities. The Mercy Air team (both Swiss pilots), Mateus and Micheal (Mercy Air Switzerland) arrived back after providing help to starving communities in northern Mozambique. (Update to follow soon!)

BUT ….. there month flew by and it was time to greet yet again. Many thanks to all who make our lives so interesting and for the helping hands ……….!