We waited in anticipation. We received not one …. but if I recall correctly 3 different letters from government to notify us that the new Administrator elected would be visiting us to find out exactly what we are doing in the bush!
The letter which we received was type on a typewriter …. which means it is very official. Some of it read ……” proposta de programa de visita de Excelentisima Senhora Administradora”. We had a lady administrator for the first time. And by the way … not everyone here is called her Excellency (maybe the Queen of England only …..). We got ready early in the morning …… swept the whole base and although it was raining ….. we had plan A, B and C in place. Cokes were on ice, bananas fresh and ready …. and biscuits stacked up by the dozens.
10:30 CAME and GONE. 13:00 CAME and GONE. But remember we had an evacuation plan ready. Unexpectedly ….. 14:15 …… 6 vehicles arrived with more than 70 guests. And yes … they fitted them all on 6 vehicles.

After sharing our vision and our projects and answering numerous questions …. the Administrator (Escelentisima Senhora Administradora) got up and gave the most amazing speech. I could see she meant it all and had a great passion for the people of Mozambique. From the littlest orphan to the most hardened labourer struggling to feed his family. “To fight poverty, we need to come up with our own answers in our own unique situation. There is no reason for anyone not to overcome Africa’s biggest disease – poverty.” Her words touched us all as she came up with plans on how she sees her time in office and how she will keep fighting poverty.

Alta shares a moment with the Administrdora joined by our Chefe do Posto and Donna Angela (political advisor in Pungwe)

Photo: Some of the delegation squeezed in on the veranda.
We had a great time with our newly selected leader. I don’t particularly like politics or those trying to play the game ….. but this time …….. maybe this time!