February ended with rain …. and so the month of March started with rain … wet … very wet. As it is our annual rainy season this time of the year we would expect lots of rain. But this time around it really came down. Day and night.

Crossing very unstable and dangerous bridges are necessary to get to isolated bush schools we have started. The bridges are basically constructed out of wood and filled up with sand. Needless to say in the rainy season it becomes slippery …. and well … not so safe. It does help your prayer life though!

Parts of the bridge starting to deteriorate. Many of our children could not swim through the rivers and therefore were out of school for the last two weeks. In many areas visited there were reports at out SBF schools that 5 people have already been killed by crocodiles trying to cross the dangerous infested rivers.

Anyway lots happening at the moment as we have guests visiting and helping from all over the world. We have had:

Carey Willis, Jef and Keren (Canada – Volunteers and nursing)

Corissa and Chris (Canada – IT specialists)
Rick Cogbill (Canada – Mechanic)
Laura Cogbill (Canada – teaching)
Ron and Barbara Wayner (USA – permanent pilots: Mercy Air)
USA TEAM: New Holland (building and constructing our new medical clinic)
Andy Kuret (Switzerland – Pilot and Agriculture specialist)

These great people came to serve and did an awesome job in helping in the various projects and departments on the base. We and the people of Mozambique were blessed in ways we never thought possible. Our cup is running over!

Lynn Lagore(our qualified nurse …. and we call her doctor) is amazing in many ways. One of her many talents is to be at the right place at the right time. She took the following photos and missed none of the action taking place on the base! Thank you Lynn!

One of the big projects that was tackled by all our visitors was the finishing up of our new clinic in Chitundu (about 25 km away). This was done in partnership with the Mozambique Government. Tome Toalha, one of our permanent mission staff, is getting the beams ready on the clinic.

Wola ……. after hard work in the sun …. the roof is finished and the clinic ready!
Above: The USA New-Holland team finishing up yet another roof on the new Mercy Air garage. Rick Cogbill is a mechanic and he writes on mechanical engineering for magazines in Canada fixing up mission vehicles. And what a blessing he was!