I do apologize for being so quiet! There is just tons of news and a few major emergencies as I write this. Unfortunately I had an absess in my jaw and some other minor problems (all due to age I think) and are currently in the RSA for 3 days.

Had to travel 900 km to get my absess “fixed” so thank you for understanding the empty spaces. We have no dentists or good medical care in Mozambique – unless you want them to use pliers to take out some healthy teeth in the process. Serious … I’m not joking. As I have mentioned we have some emergencies in Mozambique. Some of those are:

  • 1. Our hunger situation is extremely serious. It is reported that some people are eating grass and honey to survive. Please pray for all these unfortunate people which we so dearly love. We are trying to do the best we can and we will keep you updated.
  • 2. Beru, one of our orphans, who was badly burned when he was younger needs some urgent surgery. We are trying to fund raise to help him. He is an amazing teenager with a fantastic character. Will keep you posted.

    Now …. gotto run to the dentist.