A week or so ago I blogged about how important women in Africa is. Their role has been very much neglected in the past – especially on the African continent. The stories that are currently emerging are very uplifting from our beloved continent who continues to struggle – like Somalia, Zimbabwe and others. BUT there is HOPE! Just think of ladies like the current Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Mozambique prime minister Luisa Diogo.
But often something happens that just …. well leaves you speechless. Like the story of a 60 year old lady who joined one of our ladies literacy classes. This lady had to walk several miles to reach her weekly class. Age, sickness and the rain didn’t stop her from attending her class with many other ladies in the area. Alta Rauch shares the story:

“Mostly all of the ladies who joins our schools cannot read or write. During the Mozambicans 30 year civil war there were no opportunities for girls to study. Mostly boys went to school after the war or had the support of the family to do so. Culturally girls stayed at home to look after babies or work in the fields. This was the same story of an old lady who joined our ladies class. She was a keen and willing student when a few days ago she stood up ……. nearly out of breath and proclaimed loudly in the class ……….. I CAN READ, I CAN READ. It seems something clicked, made sense and she could read her manual and the Bible.”

Needless to say ….. everyone got up and applauded her.

Photo: Meet the lady face to face!

The joy, happiness and expression on her face were priceless. We have many older ladies in some of our other schools too. Mostly all of our ladies schools runs out of local rural churches. The ladies ministry grew the last few weeks to more than 950 ladies studying with materials provided by the mission.

Photo: Past. Toca from Bauwe
Our study program for our pastoral and church leaders (SBF) also has a few miracle stories. Pastor Toca from Bauwe (northern Mozambique) was illiterate when he joined the program to study the 6 year course. He faced a nearly unclimbable mountain. Through a personal miracle in his life he completed all the study materials in 6 years and received his diploma. He passed as a Cum Laude student. His work is so outstanding in the area where he works that the local radio station employed him in Mutarara.

The people of Africa are truly heroes! If you want to help us with our literacy program please contact us!

Cartoon: from www.CartoonStock.com