We have fund raised, waited and …….. at last we got ready to pick up our VIP guests for the biggest Christmas party in Central Northern Mozambique. It’s a rainy day but nothing will stop us to get going. We have 4 vehicles to get all our guests to their venue. I am responsible to pick up 5 guests. It’s raining so hard I can hardly see 10 metres in front of me. I am looking on the side of the road where the VIP’s should be waiting.

Photo: One of the vehicles arriving with our widows.

And sure enough ……. wet but standing in a row to be picked up. Bom Dia Francisco – I am greeting with huge smiles. Wide-eyed (that’s what I saw in my rear mirror) they squeezed in. Ready for their biggest event of the year. “Francisco …….. will we have cooldrink and sweats today?” “Off course”, one of the older boys answered …… “not just sweats, lots of surprises too”. The sounds of laughter echoes in my ears. The youngest is a 4 year old boy called Tito. I switched on my CD in the car as loud as I could …… the kids sway their heads ……… happy days are here again.

Photo: Our VIP’s together!

VIP’s = our orphans and their yearly Christmas party. For the other million or so orphans Christmas will not be a very memorable time. Alone, hungry and some (if they are lucky) would have been placed in the few orphanages in Mozambique. As a mission we place our orphans with widows who takes care of them. As I write this posting many new orphans are added to the national problem. Diseases still wreaks havoc amongst families in the poor and rural areas in Mozambique. There is no social structure in place to help orphans who has no one to look after them. Our Amigo program allows orphans to be looked after by widows in communities close to us. We provide them with the change of good education, medical support and whatever they may need to survive.

Photo: “Oh my goodness …… will I be able to finish all this food?”Photo: Jumpin-Jack-FlashPhoto: Tug of war games with our orphans
Our Christmas party though was fantastic! We had the biggest meal ever. Those chickens had to be on steroids before they served them to us. BIG ……. very BIG! Bigger than Kentucky Fried Chicken. Anyway – after eating we had lots of games and entertainment organized by Rick and Heather (missionaries with us on the base). THEN ……. the Christmas Bible story ….. and gifts off course. The widows were invited too and they had an absolute blast with us.
Photo: Joao Benjamin – our Maputo student, bringing the Christmas story in a relevant way to the orphans.

Photo: Even the widows participated in the “face painted” competition.
Photo: Our widows receiving their gifts

Everyone left with a lot of gifts and got back into the vehicles tired! Smiles and thank you’s followed and it was a great day thanks to all our supporters. To everyone who helped us especially David and Kate Phillips, Brian and Ruth Phillips and Busbridge, St. John the Baptist church in Godalming. Thanks to all our Canadian friends who supported in such a miraculous way – God bless ya all.

Photo: One more last gift!