If I had to summarize our School year in Mozambique it would have the words “laughter” and “blessing” written all over it.

Without the HELP of so many partners it would have been impossible to do the following:

(a) Purchase nearly all our school desks for our bush school and our pre-primary school;

(b) We had our annual athletic meeting with students from the University of Stellenbosch and members of Stellenbosch, Bellville and Blouberg congregations; (and yes we needed them all to get the 250 kids enjoy athletics).

(c) The kids received their first ever school uniform;

(d) We were able to feed more than 250 children for every school day of the year;

(e) We were able to provide all our kids in all the schools (nearly 400 kids) with books and stationary;

(f) Another successful vocational Bible school was launched for 2 weeks with more than 150 kids attending.

If I have to make a list of all the people that helped our school it would be a very long one. I am so afraid that I would leave someone out of the list. Please accept my thank you as from the heart. Thank you for providing hundreds of smiles a day and on behalf of all our school kids – GOD BLESS YOU!!!