Amahoro – Sjalom – Peace! A word that carries a lot of weight in Africa. For this reason Amahoro started its first gathering in Uganda in 2007. The purpose of Amahoro Africa is to work to see the Gospel of Jesus bringing transformation to communities across Africa. Amahoro facilitates holistic transformation by encouraging, resourcing and connecting emerging African leaders who are committed to the tangible manifestation of justice, mercy and goodness in their local context.

After the Uganda meeting, Rwanda was on the cards. It was a total eye opener to see how previous enemies got together in a spirit of reconciliation and made sure how they would work together to make a Gospel of justice work in their country.

June 2009 it was South Africa’s turn. The two dominant themes for the gathering and conversation were the post-Colonial church in Africa and the African Reformation. I was privileged to take 3 Mozambicans with me. This would off course be their first visit to South Africa. These leaders were unique in many ways. Mathew Hurekure is an administrator with ASAM (an emerging missional organisation in Mozambique), Past. Kwaramba – a dynamical leader and church planter and Joao Benjamin – a young and upcoming leader and student at the University of Maputo.

Before setting foot at the Amahoro gathering I had numerous conversations with them on the African Reformation. Surviving the war in Mozambique, Joao Benjamin had great insights on how the church in Mozambique should move forward to work through their pain and struggles.

The Amahoro gathering was again a phenomenal experience where we not just networked with church and other leaders on the continent, but could also converse in life changing conversations. Ex-minister of Police Adriaan Vlok was there to give his insights on reconciliation and forgiving.

Again we were all inspired with new thoughts and challenges by Brian McLaren, Claude and Kelly Nikondeha and other speakers. We were inspired again and realized again that we need authentic leaders in Africa ….. NOW! The Amahoro gathering was a huge highlight and many thanks to Stellenbosch Congregation who made this possible.

Our Mozambican young leaders will never be the same. The lessons of Amahoro was already taught in Northern Mozambique with our 440 leader network alongside the Zambezi river.