From December 7-18, more than 15,000 people including Government officials and advisers from 192 nations, civil society and the media from nearly every country in the world, will come together in the Danish capital, Copenhagen in one of the most significant gatherings in history. It is being called the most complex and vital agreement the world has ever seen.

People in poor countries are suffering first and worst from climate change, but they have done the least to cause the problem. If a strong and fair deal is to be achieved, we need to put pressure on rich countries to achieve at least 40% in domestic carbon emissions by 2020 and also ensure that developing countries have all the support and resources necessary to reduce their emissions, develop cleanly and adapt to climate change.

The rural communities in Mozambique has little or no knowledge about climate change or the real effects of damaging emissions. One thing is on everyones mind though ….. the fact that the seasons are indifferent and drought throughout the last 10 years has became a major issue.

While all of this is taking place hungry people in Mozambique are getting ready for their annual planting season. The signs already are that it is going to be a tough one. Rats and other rodents are already eating all the seed that is being planted. We decided that rats are not going to stop us and started distributing seed to local people around the mission base.

Thank you’s to Polokwane Congregation for the donation of all the seed to help communities in Mozambique.