Photo: Meet Eunice our Mozambique National Coordinator. She leads more than 750 women in Mozambique.

The power of Africa lies in its African women, so my wife tells me all the time. I thought it was time to investigate the matter. Mozambique women (and for that matter all African ladies) has an ability to come up with many solutions during a normal day.

Photo: One of our Lady schools in Northern Mozambique. Our program makes it possible for them to learn to read and write for the first time.

Not just do they have to break the cycle of hunger and poverty daily by making sure the family eats, she fights diseases – even doctor them where there is no doctor -, she educates the family and today’s African lady also makes sure that she is heard in community matters. It is absolutely amazing when you look around and you see just how strong these ladies are. They have become the backbone of the African economy. Although the African culture is a male dominated one women are beginning (respectfully) to rise up and be heard.

In our own communities and on our mission base ladies are playing a huge role to alleviate poverty by:

Photo: Young and old arrives at the base to learn new tricks with the sowing machine.

  • Taking care of the many orphans we have;
  • Have started arts and craft classes and making a living wage (earner the same or even more than their husbands);
  • Started to attend literacy classes and took responsibility to educate themselves;
  • our own staff consist off a teacher and our women’s national coordinator works here with a lot of zest.

Photo: One the teachers busy teaching a class in Northern Mozambique in Sinjal.

More than 740 ladies joined the movement that started very small 10 years ago. Government is taking notice and out of the ashes ladies are rising. Many ladies that visits us are running additional classes with sowing machines and making clothing for our orphans and other kids in our bush schools.

I realized that solving Africa’s problem without involving the African women would be a disastrous mistake. May we take note!