Our annual vocational Bible school took place again at our Primary school. We were privileged to have at some days more than 150 kids who were entertained by our team members, Rick and Heather Neufeldt. This year we were really spoiled to have had 2 visitors from Canada – Glen and Keren who also participated.

Photo: Rick in action!

Photo: Portraying the “kings armour”.

The theme of this year was: “You are special.” Rick presented every morning with a Bible story and Scripture memorization. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the Bible lessons as it was not just fresh and new but also very practical.

Painting, water games, shenanigans and sport was but just a few of the fun things all the kids could participate in. The aim of VBS is to make sure all our kids will have great fun but also learn more about God in a practical but fun way.

Health education also played a major role and Keren, a qualified nurse who worked with Samaritan’s Purse in Uganda last year, presented her health lessons to teach kids to look after themselves because they were so special.

To measure if a program is successful with kids is an easy test. Just listen to them. Their laughter would quickly tell you. And they laughed like there was no tomorrow. The spiritual input would show soon, I though after looking at the kids.
Thanks to Heather Neufeldt for the photos!