Well while I am on the Soccer World Cup topic with His honourable Comrade Mugabe holding the World Cup in its glory ……….. a few photos I received on the newly built Cape Town Soccer Stadium for the 2010 world cup. Before I show the photos ……… maybe something to ponder on:
1. What on earth is South Africa going to do with all the stadiums costing billions of rands.
2. I was just informed that the Cape Town stadium was sold for R1 (US$ 0,12c) because it would
be too costly to maintain it.
3. Could we not use the money better?
4. I love soccer – but I must admit ….. soccer must be the opium of the nation at the moment.
5. Maybe I am a little negative, maybe not ………… maybe we should alleviate poverty with all
the billions …… maybe not.
Anyway must admit the stadium in Cape Town looks awesome!

“I wonder what the entrance fee would be?”