It started many years ago when David and Kate Phillips asked for a few pictures of Mozambican children and their way of living. I shared a few pictures of our Amigo Orphan program at our ASAM headquarters in the bush. The program is being helped by SAM Ministries, Canada and Love Mozambique.

Well, Daisy ( she could have been 7) saw the pics on their freezer and decided with her parents that something had to be done. A few girls (Mimi and Poppy ) joined and started selling cake to sponsor the annual Christmas party for orphans. This meant that we could take all our orphans and treat them with a festive meal and lots of brand new gifts.

I was astonished when I received the first gift from their Dad, David! The girls made a huge difference – bigger than they could ever comprehend.

I had a longing for some time to travel to the UK and hand over some special certificates from our orphans in Mozambique. The dream was made a reality by an amazing generous guy (we call him General Piet). We travelled to Godalming, London and met the girls to hand over their certificates.
The other kids watching the ceremony said as one …. as their teacher did: “We want to make a difference too in the lives of orphans in Africa.” “Watch us ………..!”

And I realized ……… hey ….. dynamite do come in small packages and when they ignite (without asking someones permission) they truly become heroes of the faith.

Thank you Daisy. Thank you Mimi. Thank you Poppy.

You are my heroes …….. and so say all our orphans in Mozambique.