Photo: All of our 400 pastors are studying a 6 year Theology Course from Hebron Bible College.

Twice a year we receive more than 30 great men who visits us for an intensive time of sharing the Word, discussing leadership issues and listen to their input when it comes to community matters, orphan care, medical challenges in communities and other issues.

We have known these men for more than 10 years – they have become more than just leaders – they are friends. Their hard work in their life changing churches shows in the more than 4 provinces they come from in Mozambique. They represent more than 400 leaders in their different areas. If you would take their influence, including all the pastors they represent, they would be able to fill a church with more than 24 000 people.

Photos top: William Carey Willis is a volunteer who has joined us for the next 3 months. He shows his cooking skills in the kitchen as they are preparing lunch for our Bible leaders. Our school students Joao and Pindurai are also giving a hand.

Many of these men are running huge orphan programs through there churches. The more than 700 women in women’s ministries also runs through these churches. They are actively involved with youth outreaches and are doing an amazing job. Many of the leaders are not known by anyone as they work in the most remote areas in Mozambique. When we visit them – we see the work and the respect their communities have for them. It is amazing to see. These men are God’s diamonds ……….. very rare specie these guys. They work for no money and only because of their love for God and their love for their own people.