So I left Cape Town on an important mission: “Mission Royal”. I would have a great opportunity to “knight” three girls who played a great part in helping our Orphan program in Mozambique.

Daisy, Lilly and Poppy are just the three most adorable girls you can lay your eyes on. They have had one special thing in common though: They decided at the age of 7 to tackle, on their own – the orphan problem in Africa. To do that they started selling cake at their schools to raise funds for orphan Christmas parties. The money came to Africa and we sure did have great orphan parties. They even purchased blankets and toys which was received by the orphans with huge smiles and laughter.

I had the privilege of meeting these girls in London, Godalming and “knight” them at their local Sunday School with a certificate. The girls even made it possible (through their great mom and dad – David and Kate) so that I could preach in their amazing church – St John the Baptist, Church of England (see their work at

I came to England to talk about Mozambique and its wonderful and courageous people – but what found in England was just as astonishing. We met the most amazing people here. I remember talking to a group of Sunday school 10-12 year olds. I though of an ice-breaker. Maybe I could start teaching a little Portuguese. Well – to my astonishment 80 % of the class could either speak Spanish, Mandarin, Greek, French and Arabic. I never knew England had such a diverse community!

Follow us as we travel through the UK – and really it’s about the people you meet ………….

Shopping in Godalming, London.

Daisy Phillips teaching us how to shop in the UK.

The local street band did impress me!
And the flowers in spring time …………..

We were privileged to stay at Bryan and Ruth Phillips as we arrived in the UK. Bryan is heading up the youth at their local church in Gilford, London. I should maybe add that Bryan is a youth like no other and at the young age of 75 knows everything there is to know about PlayStation and interacting with young people.

Bryan and Ruth with Alta. They got up early to get us at the airports on time. We shared some great times together. Ruth helped us by selling birthday cards for Mozambique and its kids.

Watch our next post and meet real heroes of the faith!