No …. I am not talking about the interesting and somewhat strange people I have lately seen in Cape Town. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan type of city …… many interesting tastes, flavours ….. and people off course.

I tried to start a conversation but could not get any reaction. I actually thought the hairstyle was beautiful.
But who would have ever thought that you would find wildlife in Cape Town! On our way down we stopped at a farm – it looked curious and I was just to inquisitive to let it go. I drove in and to my amazement I saw …………………
These elephants were rescued from the Kruger Park (they would have been shot to try and control the expanding herds) and brought to the Cape Province. The lack of trees though didn’t help too much either. Here they are grazing at the few trees.The rhinos did look very content though – the park even got a new baby in the process.We saw lots of zebras in the park each with their unique print. And off course the king of the jungle – the lion. I love their eyes (from a distance off course)!