PHOTO: Even the flags are waiting in anticipation!

Photo: The president arrives with 6 helicopters in formation.

Photo: At last they all land! Who will meet him first? By the looks of it the men are winning the contest.

Photo: The president, excellencia Amilio Gabuzu greeting the long line that awaits. Tribal chiefs get the first opportunity.

Photo: Ok, it is our turn at last. While the private bodyguards look us straight in the eye we dare to greet the man of the hour.

Photo: Everybody turned out to meet their leader.

When you get the news that the President of Mozambique is visiting and is requesting to meet our staff (although be it a handshake and a few words) an expectancy quickly fills the air. Everyone wants to meet the President! They even asked that our truck would be used to carry the communities to take part in the festivities.

PHOTO: Even our police commandant made some time with an adopted baby that are being taken care off by Rick & Heather on the mission base.

Anyway …. yes we did greet him and waited in the long queue to shake his hand. He stopped …. shared a few friendly words and off they went to greet the other multitudes. What is it with politicians that when you meet them they are so likable?

PHOTO: Our mission staff team that accompanied us to see the President.

Special note: Thanks to Heather for borrowing some of here photos to get the whole picture of the day!