PHOTO: Leaders getting ready for a training session.

Ever watched the series Brothers in Arms? Well if you are a guy I suggest you get to see it! The most amazing story on friendship and loyalty through troubled times I have ever seen. Really worth it.

PHOTO: Recieving more Bibles

We have men like that in Mozambique. They are poor, their income are beneath the breadline, their homesteads are far off in the bush but year after year they influence their communities and try their best to uplift everyone around them. They are men of great influence and more important men of great character. I know them by name and after 10 years we have become more than just friends. These are our Pastors from northern Mozambique. Many situated around the Zambezi river and others in areas which is not even shown on the map. They fight death, hunger and dangers daily. They are real transformational agents working in Mozambique. And they work for FREE, VOLUNTARILY – with God as their employer. These men together leads another 400 leaders in their Bible Schools – influencing more than 25 000 people in churches in the north.

PHOTO: Sharing a lunch together with Community leaders.

We had the privilege to have them with us again as they keep on studying. They are currently busy with their 6 year Bible Diploma. The most amazing thing is that we have never had a dropout with any of our core leaders. Some died ….. but they all kept on studying.