To have nearly 50 transformational agents at your disposal is in itself a huge blessing. Just think what the world can be like with 50 true transformational young people. I am thinking of:

* Changing peoples minds on global warming;
* Getting the G8 to follow-up on their endeavours and dreams;
* Help Africa to sustain itself with good governance and using its people to reach their full
* Being “present” where people are hurting.

We were lucky to have had another 23 young students from the University of Stellenbosch. They made a huge impression on all of us as they inquisitively looked around where they could be of help. And they jumped right in:

Photo: The Stellenbosch University students helped us to paint several orphan houses in the community.

Photo: One of the more serious paint teams. I think this group was highly intellectual and consisted out of a teacher, PR marketer, a physicist, a medical student and an accountant.

Photo: A brother-sister team, Stephan and Liezl, transforming a house in our community.


At one of our orphan communities we also house 2 people who has leprosy. One of our leprosy patients already lost both her hands and struggle to do her home chores daily. Our orphan kids helps her daily to carry water and cook for her. Students decided to paint her house and the joy was unspeakable.

We had various medical students with us reaching out to the communities. They visited our 2 bush clinics and spend a day helping out. Here is Marlie Marais (we call her M&M) making sure everything is hygienic and clean!


Mozambique has a well-known gold medalist, Maria Matola. She is a great sprinter and has won many Olympic medals in the 800m sprints. (Well …. the way they run it must be a sprint!) The students made use of the opportunity to train our bush schools by hosting their own “Olympic athletics” event. It was a day of huge fun for all:

Photo: Long jump was one of the favourites items on the Athletics Day.

Photo: Shot-put was a new item on the list. Due to a lack of training equipment in the bush we used stones (different seizes and weights). MC – the leader of the visiting group looks like a champion himself as he assesses the legality of the throw!

Photo: And what would athletics be without high jump. A potential high jumper attacks the item with zest and determination.

We had a great time with a great time – but even more important we could hear laughter all around! Seeds of transformation was truly planted in the hearts of all who were “present”.