I promised our school kids that I would convey their thank you’s to all who helped us made this dream a possibility. Our Mighty Light project will help many of our sponsored kids to study at night for the first time. Kids were not able to study at night or had to use dangerous candles or carosine lamps if they had the money.

Through the Million Lights project we got hold of the Mighty Light which is a powerful LCD light that are charged by a small solar panel. Eight hours charging through the solar panel will provide lights for up to 3 days.

We are currently sponsoring 49 kids who will all have the opportunity to study at night. Watch this space as we keep sending you stories on how this will change lives throughout Mozambique.

In the process you may ask how you could be part of our program and make a huge difference. I am so glad you asked. You could VOTE for our project by clicking http://www.communicause.com/my-cause/4195 and vote for us. In the process Million Lights stand the change of winning US$ 25 000 which will also benefit the program in Mozambique.