Some deep philosophical thinker once said:

“The place you belong is where your deepest sorrows and your deepest joys in life meet!”

Then for me …… Mozambique must be it. As you would already know that the last few months we have lost many loved ones in Mozambique. Many of these people we have known for more than 10 years ……… others like baby Kenead (a small HIV baby) I have known only for a few days. I do this posting only in remembrance of her.

Nobody knew her. She was only on the planet for a few months. The first time I heard about her was from a group of nurses who visited from Canada. They tried everything! Hospitals and clinics said after a blood transfusion – “we have to send her home.” When I visited her home her mother only cried. She wept so much that we had to hold her. Baby Kenead looked in my eyes as I held her. Her tongue was white due to the parasites. Her big eyes watched me ….. no more tears. I could see her pain though ….. I could feel it. It made me weep. And although the world didn’t know her – I knew God did.

I tried my best to believe ….. only to call in some visitors to help me pray ……… and then little Kenead died. No roses on the grave ….. just a shallow grave in a small wooden coffin …… and life goes on.

This is to all the mothers and fathers fighting the fight to save their HIV babies. And this is to all those people out there in the world who cares – God loves ya!