The Shona Bible is pretty much out of print everywhere in the world. I had to wait 2 years to get this very scarce batch of Bibles from a very interesting source hidden away. No, relax I am not smuggling secret Bibles …….. except through the Zimbabwe/Mozambique borders. Need to be careful here …. I will give my mom sleepless nights (and she is not in Seattle).
Anyway a glorious day a few days ago when I could hand out 15 Shona Bibles to a local pastor, Zarco Kwaramba. He is a church planter and waited patiently with me in prayer before we could get our hands on this batch of Bibles.
With Zimbabwe still in crisis mode no Bibles are printed there. Shona is pretty much the official language in Zimbabwe but the Bible Society in Zimbabwe refuses to hand over their printing plates to South Africa or any country for that matter. The result was – NO Bibles for a few years.

Mathew Hurekure (left) is our administrator on the base and was just as relief as I was to hand over these 15 Bibles. Our Bibles are not handed out randomly but to pastors and leaders who can read and write and who we have had very good relationships with.
Many thanks again to: Johan Terreblanche, Nuwe Hoogte Gemeente (Robertson) and Bellville Gemeente who made this possible. You have made many people smile!