…….. be able to learn at least 2 new songs (in a strange language);
…….. be able to make at least 10 new friends that you have never met before;
…….. be able to swop seats at least 7 times;
…….. be able to count all the tiles on the floor;
…….. be able to work through all the gum in your pocket;
…….. always ask what they expect of you!

Doesn’t matter though …. had a great service with people I have never met before. Their hunger and thirst for the Word was phenomenal. For the record: I only preached 45 minutes (and that includes the interpreter)! Anyway …. let me share a few photos as the DVD is so long it will set a new Guinness Book of Records for a church service.

The band was there …. in full force. And boy did they play. The guitarist had to get a glove to protect his hand after 4 hours. A time to get together again! This time to eat.

The best part of the meal (including the strange chicken that peeped at me through the pot) was to make new friends …. and I realized again: One of the most intimate things you can do with a stranger is to eat together and experience life from their point of view. Great times!