I don’t pretend to understand life at all! And the way things work out some time …. well as a “to-be philosopher” of life difficult to find words to explain to people life’s mysteries. BUT …. I know one thing: When things come together in Africa they usually come together in a big BIG way!

Photo: Francois with some of the very exiting (if you look at those smiles) school kids receiving lights for their school.

Take a lady Anna Sidana from India for example. She runs a marvelous project called Million Lights . She has an awesome dream.

Billions of people around the world lack even the most basic services, from electricity to clean water. More than a third of the world’s people live without access to electricity. The arrival of dusk often brings darkness to lives, education & livelihoods.

Millions of homes in India & around the world are left to the mercy of dim light from dangerous, polluting & expensive-to-use kerosene oil lamps. Equally, even larger millions have little or erratic power.

The growing energy crisis heralds the urgent need for novel solutions. Can Disruptive Technology help cut through the mire of age old problems? Can Renewable Energy light a path to a new dawn? The answer is YES WE CAN! (And I am not quoting President Obama!)

Photo: The whole school celebrating the fact that they would be able to study at night in their homes. Where we are in rural Mozambique there is NO services, electricity or running water available.

Anna says: “Our mission is to improve the daily lives of adults and children in rural parts of the world.”

One Million Lights

Our first initiative is in the area of solar lighting, with a focus on education. Our goal is to distribute one million (1,000,000) solar lights to schools, children and adults around the world. One Million Lights is a part of the World of Color public charity, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Palo Alto, CA.

Anna contacted us via Rian van der Merwe (E-Bay) and we start discussing joining forces in Mozambique to start the spread of the MIGHTY LIGHT for our rural schools. We have NO electricity or any other services.

Photo: Our school teachers – Joao, Tito and Paulo “handling” the Mighty Light.


Our first set of lights flew 1 000’s of miles around the globe before I could pick them up and bring them through the borders. Well ….. our first launch of the MIGHTY LIGHTS was a phenomenon to experience. The communities who attended the launch were overwhelmed. Teachers and kids spontaneously clapped their hands as lights would now be available for the first time at night. Studying at night would be possible for the first time. Teachers could not believe their eyes.

Photo: Ernesto Abudu receiving his first Mighty Light for our bush clinic that had to survive in the bush with no light at all. These lights are charged with a small solar panel and provides light for 3 days after only 8 hours of charging.

It was a great day with a few hundred people attending – pleading for lights. Unfortunately we could only start with our bush school and our bush clinics.

Photo: Everyone wanted to touch the light. Photo on top shows the parents of our children coming in for a closer check!

PS: Will be uploading the great video to thank Million Lights (Ana Sidana and E-Bay) for sponsoring the lights. Watch our interesting updates as we take our lights further up in Mozambique.