Photo 1: Suzanna Tipton, the leader of the group of nurses, showing what caring is really about.

Don’t think nursing is just about treating sick people.

We have just had 10 of the most wonderful nurses visiting from Prairie College, Alberta, Canada. They did their community “credits” and have been coming back to Mozambique for the last three years with different students. They have done some awesome relief work saving many lives as they submerged into the Mozambican culture.

Photo: Scott weighing in a newborn baby.

The nurses spent hours daily working in households, carrying water, giving love – which heals the sick much quicker than just a tablet, I might add. The nursing team not just showed compassion but they were present in places where many would never dare go.

The group also helped out at the Vanduzi hospital and cared for the many aids orphans in our areas. Immunisation and Tetanus treatments were also given at our schools.

Teaching played an extremely important role as they served the communities surrounding our areas.

“TO STAY HEALTHY EXERCISE IS A NECESSITY ……. LETS GO! ” the small nurse commands.

Photo: Nobody was excused during the exercise …. or so it seems.

One of the marvelous things they did was to support the ladies ministry and they did not just teach on preventative measures to live healthy but actually got the ladies to exercise. As I understand (men were not invited) there were a lot of fun and laughter while learning to exercise. Way to go nurses!

Photo: “Oh my goodness …… this stretching could be hazardous to my health … I think!”

Thousands of hugs to our caring nursing team who made a huge impact physically, emotionally but also spiritually! God bless!

PS: Thanks to Heather for a few photos borrowed!