No I have not run away. Forgive the absolute silence the last few weeks. I have been in Sena on the banks of the Zambezi and immediately ran to Johannesburg for Amahora Africa for conversations with emerging African leaders. What a blessed time.

So much to report on. My wife had malaria and signs of cholera and is re-cooperating in Johannesburg. We are currently travelling and will be in Mozambique next week. Watch this space for the following headlines:

1. Zambezi river report: Codeword 120 = 1 186 (Amazing times with great rewards!)

2. Amahora gathering in Johannesburg with emerging African leaders. WOW!

3. Spread the Light – just received my first lights from “Million lights” (This promises to be an
amazing sustainable program which will change 1 000’s of lives in Mozambique!)

Thank you to everyone out there who is seriously supporting us to make all these programs work. As I am speaking we have about 10 Canadian nurses on the base serving our population. We also loosed a great friend – old Fred (nobody knows his age – we guess about 70) who died this week when he broke his hip. Bless you Fred – happy times have started!