“You must come Maroeti. Bring your Word ….. you must come and feast with us! Come with power ….. we must hear the words of God!”

And so Sunday after Sunday I hear these words as I am invited to preach yet again. I pray, prepare, saddle up and go! It’s a genuine invitation to share with them. How can I refuse? We sit in a circle. The African custom! It’s only in the West where you would find someone standing in front while the others hide behind a pillar.

There is a distinct sound when you arrive at an African church. The rythm gets you immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are 9 months old or 99 years …. your feet can’t stay in one place – even if you try. No fancy sound system, no lights – yes no make-up for the preacher. It’s African style – genuine ….! May I add – there was some ushers at this mornings Sunday meeting at the river. They ushered a few donkeys and bicycles ….. but that was it. No chairs …… either! Everyone wanted to be infront. Have you noticed how many people scamper for the chairs in the backrow of a church?

Amazingly the service is always well organized. There is no “stage manager” sweating to get the powerpoint, the church band and the preacher sinchronized! And oh yes …… the preacher and people don’t wear any watches either. Oh my! And the sound of the drums ….. no one complaining that is too loud ….. the youth are moving too rythmic ….. too seductively. Nope – just worship.

PHOTO: Ok …. church is serious business. The “gallery” trying to comprehend the words that is being spoken!

The sharing of the Word of God is a highlight. After many “amens” and “hallelujas” a few would immediately stand up and start dancing out of pure joy. I love it! I love the authenticity of the African church. You bring yourself before God ……. and that’s it!

PHOTO: The offering is not measured by how good the preacher preaches. Nope ….. we bring because we love.

No tea and biscuits after the service! Just goat, maize meal, some beans and a cup of water. Everyone is smiling. “It was a great service”, I hear one say mixed with laughter. “Next week we do it again at my village” the one pastor says with shining white teeth and a few drops of sweat on his forehead. “Yes baba, yes” I say!