The mighty Zambezi river – angry during flooding. I never feel at ease when I cross this huge river. It is the 4th longest river in Africa (2 574km) and crosses through 9 countries. Its waters are dangerous, raging at times and beautiful during a sunrise or sunset. Although it’s a fisherman’s paradise ….. hunting the all famous Tiger fish that’s not really why I love the area. (OK I have to admit ….. I am not a fisherman!) It is the people. Those people who live next to the dangerous river – which have taken many lives over the last few years due to floods.
We are getting ready to serve the people again next to the river. We are joining up with Wheels for God to train and reach out to many of the river people. We will be stationed in Sena next to the Zambezi. We will also be heading out to Chemba to show people the Jesus story in their own mother tongue for the first time ever. Although their dialect is available in written and video format these people in the bush has never heard the Jesus story in video format in their own language.

Getting loaded was an interesting endevour. Food, clothing, 30 bicycles from Wheels for God, wood, training materials ….. and more food was fitted into limited spaces.

Photo: Collecting clothing and loading the “old Ford” – better than a Chevy!

Photo: “Will everything fit?” My African brothers said: “Easy”

Photo: It was the bicycles for 30 pastors who was loaded first.
Photo: “Is that truck full?” If Dwight is watching ….. don’t worry …. we won’t overload it …. I

PS Watch this space for the next week for updates on an interesting outreach next to the Zambezi.