Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)

Photo: Dressed for success! Proud kids and their teachers recieving their first uniform in 14 years.

Our bush school kids and their parents tried for the last 14 years to realize their dream – to have their own school uniform. (Why I am not really sure.) Anyway after trying many things AT LAST the day came!

Photo: “Fitting uniforms is not a man’s job!”, I heard him whispering!

We decided on the base that it was time to put this dream into action. Rather spending money on second hand clothing (which is ussually too big or too small) we decided to buy material. Alta and the ladies of the ladies ministry with their sowing machines got working and WOLA ……. brand new outfits for the girls and the boys. After measering and doing what only my wife understands they produced more than 400 dresses and shorts/shirts – 2 outfits for every student.

Needless to say when the day came – the kids were out of their skin! Fitting, laughing and showing off was part of the day. The parents came with their screams of joy, waving their “kapalanas” (clothing) to show their appreciation. This was surely a dream come true.

Photo: “You know what …… I could become Mozambique’s first male model!”

And offcourse their was a lesson of the day too: “If you believe in your dreams and work hard – anything is possible ….. when you expect it the least.”
Photo: This girl asked Alta why the pre-school didn’t get any uniforms? Needless to say ….. we are producing a special batch for our school babies!
Thank you to all who made this dream possible.