Photo: Mission staff arriving and the day started with prayer and a overview of the purpose of the day.

1 May does have many different meaning depending where and who you are in the world. For some it is getting up and let your voice be heard. Words like “strike”, “solidarity”, “worker rights” and some others are thrown around on a day like this. We celebrated Workers Day with our mission staff on Friday, 1 May with a different tune. And what a celebration it was. Although we don’t see our mission staff as “workers” – rather co-workers with Christ to complete our mission on earth as best we can, we still celebrated the meaning of Workers Day.

Jorge Antonia Mahanuwa was our co-ordinator for the day and what a job he did. After everyone contributed financially goats, chickens, rice, maize meal, cooldrinks, biscuits and sweats were purchased and we were ready for the biggest Workers Day party in our area.

Photo: Dramas by the medical staff of the mission showed the importance of their work.
After a few speeches, prayers and some dramas that were performed by the medical and teaching staff we were ready for some games and fun before we would head off to lunch and eat so much that some staff members had to be evacuated by car – due to overeating. A fun day overall and the laughter all over the base was contagious.

Photos top: We had many games for the more than 50 mission staff attending. Volleyball, cricket, soccer, balloon fights, darts were but just a few of the games that was enjoyed during the day.