I have to admit the love for soccer doesn’t come naturally for me but as Paul says when you are with the Romans you do what the Romans do. So I always end up being the refuree in Mozambique. That meant I had to start studying the rules.

And off course I had a great coach in Alan Rainford from England. He supports Manchester United and well I support Arsenal or Chelsea. Anyway I am a huge fan of soccer these days …… but it seems to be European soccer. I struggle to support South African soccer because Bafana Bafana (what a name!) is really not that interested in soccer, I think. Whenever I open a newspaper it’s always about struggling to get the whole team together or some other issue. (Oh boy ….now I made some South Africans really mad) I got the following picture which really made my day and the heading was:

The only way Bafana Bafana (RSA) could win the 2010 soccer world cup!