I thought of giving ya all and all ya all(Texas version) a quick update of what is happening around us in the bush.
After my malaria subsided it was my wife’s turn. Marriage is a wonderful thing – that’s why God created it in the first place. But my goodness ….. when your wife is sick, out and down it is so difficult getting things done. I mean ….. I know how to make tea, but where is she hiding the teabags. Washing dishes …… well …. I always dry so I only broke one teacup. Washing clothing and ironing – these are strange activities I think only women can master. Oh yeah and then the dogs. They worship my wife and they treated me as a total stranger. Difficult times these!


We had a busy Easter with outreaches to churches. During our Jesus film outreach we had more than 700 people showing up. The great thing was that mostly community people came from everywhere to share the experience. A great time. After all the hard work we had a great day with Rick and Heather and an even greater special Easter lunch.


We had 2 Mozambicans die because of drinking dirty river water. Our community pump is broken and although we tried almost everything we could not fix it. Our community is in dire straights. Please pray that it would be possible very soon to get a new borehole.


We are still spreading seeds to communities close and far away. Our latest seed was send to Sinjal in Northern Mozambique. This seed will be used to set up orphan veggie gardens so they can not just look after themselves but also procure their own seed. Our churches in the northern provinces have taken the responsibility to look after orphans in their immediate areas. This has resulted in helping more than 800 orphans across northern Mozambique.

Our building projects are going fullsteam ahead and everyone is as busy as a bee. Check our updates coming soon on our huge outreach to the north and our million lights project which will change thousands of lives around us! Oops-a-daisy …… I forgot to show you the latest pics on how our school looks like – it had a new facelift (sorry Mr. Jackson) and it looks amazing. Will update soon!