As you know our kids are being taught and trained in three languages. Shona is the mother tongue and the educational language in our school is Portugeuse. English is also being taught from grade 3 onwards.

Well our kids decided (many moons ago) that they would like to write their own school song in they did it in English. It was a simple song with a catchy tune and it said:

Bea-utiful schola schola
Bea-utiful schola schola
I shall never never for-get it
my bea-utiful schola schola
bea-utiful schola schola …………..

and so the song continues and it loop for about 50 times before I stop them. Well the same song rang in my ears today. The kids were so amazed on how their classrooms turned out. It was painted and decorated by a great team that visited us from Polokwane, South Africa. The kids were so astonished that they could only clap their hands and whistle. Was great to see. Anyway here is some pics as promised.