It’s Sunday! We are doing better than the Jews. We have been celebrating Easter for the last 3 weeks and I think we are not finished yet. Between all the plates of food I can hardly stand up.

It is custom in Mozambique to eat ……… and even though we are just exiting a very hungry season there is always time to eat goat, chicken and maize porridge. So during Easter festivities you have to eat ….. maningi!

maningi – a Shona slang word meaning – “very, plenty, much”

Easter is no official “holy day” in Mozambique so the churches figures out there own dates. Which off course means we have to be ready to serve and help all the churches in our area. So from one goat head to another we go. Sing, dance, shout through the drum beats. A lot of preaching, a lot of shouting and oh yes ….. take your watch off …… ain’t no time here. It goes on through the night. And then the Jesus film. One of the highlights of the evening. I usually show some culture music through dvd’s. More dancing! And then the Jesus film. Everyone stands in awe – I guess because many of them sees a white Jesus with beautiful hair, bluest eyes ever ….. and oh the robe ….. so white, for the first time ever. The “ooohs” and “aaaghs” proves this. But then many cry when they meet the Saviour on the cross. Colour is forgotten – more pressing issues! Even the few drunks that always joins us …… is quiet. As one guy said last night:

“I am drunk, I have problems ….. don’t worry ….. just pray!” And I just prayed.

We packed up late last night …… my car died more than 10 times on my way back to the base about 20 km away. I am no mechanic …… but strangely enough I made my way back after nearly being hit by a truck…. twice. (It is Saturday night after all – and many truck drivers are not aware that I just came back from another Easter weekend.) And this is life on Easter weekend.
You usually find 3 groups of people at a Jesus Film:

(a) The kids …. always full of fun, laughter and dancing

(b) The support group – inquisitive gang with church members

(c) ….. and the seekers. To afraid to come close and always hiding behind a tree ….. and those with the kids off course, are the ones I love.

And …. Africa is thrilling. I always say I am an African by birth and by choice ….. and oh yes …. I still so dearly love its people. Bless ya all for praying and caring for us.