Feels like our hectic season started. We have just had our first outreach team visiting (what a team!) and I came down with malaria – so hectic in that sense.
I still feel though that I have the best job in the universe. I love seeing people change – from hopeless to hopeful, from discouraged beings to courageous giants. From sad to happy. From lost to found.
If you are in the people business you very often have the privilege to meet exceptional people. I feel that I just had such a group of people around me. It must have been some of the most serving human beings I have met. They have travelled about 900 km to get here ….. loaded with just about anything you can hope for on the mission field. They went through the most demanding (excluding Afghanistan off course) border posts in Africa – Zimbabwe!

Photo 1: Meet the team from Polokwane, South Africa visiting on my veranda for a quick drink!

Photo 2: The ladies of Polokwane with Alta. They brought 2 humongous big pots for our school feeding program.Photo 3: The pots were so big we could easily fit in 3 kids ….. no we did not cook any of them. Photo 4: The lid could easily go on as Francois demonstrated to all the school kids present.

While the group was here they achieved to paint schools and fix the community water pump which was out of order for the last 4 months. We had a great and busy time. I have seen many tears of happiness in the last few days ….. and I realize again that we all have the ability to do good. Really good!
Photo 5: Even our permanent staff on the base got some overalls.
Photo 6: Fixing the community pump was a big deal. Our community was without water for the last 4 months. Here is an action photo of what it took to fix the water well!
Photo 7: Soon enough the whole community arrived to see the “miracle workers” help them to fix the water well and the pump.

Photo 8: Ian literally saved our lives as one of my wheels on my truck loosened and was in the process of falling out. Ian is an engineer and quickly serviced all our vehicles and motorbikes.