After many prayers we have just recieved great news. Mercy Air has decided to start a new African Bush base on the mission. They are in the process of building their house next to ours. We have a long relationship with Mercy Air for more than 14 years. The relationship started many moons ago through Dwight and Lynn and we came to know Ron and Barb Wayner very well. They are the founders and directors of Mercy Air and are situated currently in White River.

I honestly have to say that Ron and Barb are just too good to be true. They are fantastic leaders with the most amazing and gentle spirit. We really feel honoured that they decided to join our base and network with us. As we speak the landing strip are being prepared. Mercy Air will also build a hanger for the planes that will be docked at the base. Dwight has his own Cesna (looks like a mozquito but goes like a boing I hear) and will also operate from the hanger. This gives us wings to continue God’s work in areas where it was never possible in the past.

Mercy Air already helped us with a helicopter in the past to get to remote areas during the floods and hungry season. As Ron says: “It’s about getting to people, doing Kingdom work and see lives change through Christ.” Welcome aboard flight 707 Ron and Barb!